SharePoint 2010 + AD FS 2.0 + Project Server 2010 = lost time, productivity and money.

For those of you that are not aware, SharePoint 201 and AD FS 2.0 do not play nicely with Project Server 2010. It is a known Microsoft bug that the Project Server 2010 AD Sync does not work when AD FS 2.0 (SAML Authentication) is in use on the SharePoint web application that houses the Project Server PWA site. What is the fix? Besides upgrading to the 2013 versions of all the respective products, there isn’t one. The “band-aid” is to disable AD FS, the SAML Authentication provider, on the web application to allow the Project Server 2010 AD Sync to complete successfully.

<sarcasm>But wait, it gets better!</sarcasm>

From a clean installation of SharePoint 2010, everything is normal. Next, install Project Server 2010 and provision the PWA site. Again, normal. Access to the SharePoint site(s) works properly through the browser and depending on the permissions set on the PWA site, it can be access through the browser as well. At this point, you should be able to connect Project Professional to the PWA site by configuring the server account. Here’s where the trouble comes in. During the configuration of AD FS 2.0, a number (10 to be exact) PowerShell scripts need to be run in order to assign the three levels of the SSL certificates (root, intermediate and multi) to variables, import the certificates to SharePoint and then finally create and enable the authentication provider in SharePoint. This may as well set your Project Professional clients on fire. They will not connect. They do, however, leave you with a lovely and descriptive message of, “Could not retrieve server initialization data.” then proceeds to ask, “Was this information helpful?” Thanks Microsoft, NO, IT WAS NOT HELPFUL. So, this is where we sit, with yet another Microsoft Support ticket open and the ongoing war of me firing logs and information at the support engineers and them firing back useless things to try. I’ll update this post if a solution is found during my last week of work there, but it doesn’t look hopeful.


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