So, I just rolled SharePoint 2016 into a test environment and launch Central Admin, and the first thing my eyes land on is the dreaded yellow bar (at least it’s not red) that nightmares are made of. Just like notification badges on app icons on my phone, they indicate that I have left something unfinished or that there is more to do. These things drive me insane! Not wanting to leave things unfinished, I click the link, to find only two entries. The second being a drive space warning and with a 100GB C: partition and 40GB free, I’ll move the pagefile to the D: partition and let Windows manage it. Poof! It’s gone.

The first one was more troubling… ‘Search – One or more crawl databases may have fragmented indices’ After a quick peek at the Search Service Administration and receiving the ‘All good here’ green check marks, i decided to make travel arrangements. I’m off to see the SQL, la lala la lala la la! So, I open up SSMS, expand the databases and start checking the indices on the crawl store database tables for fragmentation. How an index gets to 85%+ fragmented during a clean install, I’ll never know… The ones that were fragmented were quickly rebuilt and I even bounced the SharePoint server for good measure.

After auto-repairing and re-analyzing the SharePoint health monitor job, the notification has been addressed and dreaded yellow bar has disappeared!

As a side note:

Should any SharePoint-ers out there run into this, you may need to check the indices on the crawl related tables in the following databases:

  • Search
  • Search Analytics Reporting Store
  • Search Crawl Store
  • Search Link Store

Happy SharePoint-ing!

The SharePoint Sheriff


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