Today I was tasked with creating a custom list. Pretty normal so far, right? Here’s where it gets interesting. The users that post should not be able to see any of the posts (including their own) and only receive an email confirmation of their own posts. Enter the cunning use of CSS. Yes, it’s security by obscurity, but it is extremely effective and utilizes SharePoint’s security trimming abilities.


  1. Minor HTML knowledge
  2. Minor CSS knowledge
  3. Ability to create a SharePoint custom list
  4. Know-how to edit a SharePoint Page
  5. Knowledge of how to add and edit a Content Editor Web Part
  6. Some experience working with SharePoint Audiences

Prep time:

60-seconds + whatever it takes to create your custom list


  1. Create a custom list
  2. Edit the custom list page
  3. Add a content editor web part (CEWP)
  4. Locate the HTML Tag, ID or Class of the section of the page you want to hide
  5. Add the following to the CEWP: <style>.ms-listviewtable {display: none;}</style>
  6. Edit the CEWP and add the appropriate audience under the +Advanced section
  7. Serve and enjoy

How it works:

If a user account is a member of the specified audience the CEWP is applied to the page and the HTML section is hidden. If a user account is not a member of the specified audience, the CEWP is not applied and the content is visible.

Happy hiding!




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